Nikoloski: We demand that the full recordings where Janeva meets Zaev be shown

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VMRO-DPMNE Vice President, Aleksandar Nikoloski, held late Monday press conference referring to the published special investigative measures in the “Racket” case. He emphasized that it is clear that Zoran Zaev and SDSM top leadership are behind the whole case and that the racketeering was a coordinated action.

From the published recordings it can be easily concluded that last year Katica Janeva had at least one meeting with then Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. The second is that Zoran Mileski had a meeting with Vice Zaev, Zoran Zaev’s brother. What they were talking about at those meetings and how it is possible to meet if they had never known each other before, Nikoloski asked.

According to him, the Zaev brothers should testify before the court, because with today’s hearing in the court, it became clear that the “Racket” case was “a well-coordinated action from the very top of the government in which many more businessmen were extorted and much more money was taken than what is presented”.

This is the culmination of the scandal. We demand that the full recordings where Janeva meets Zaev be shown and clarification how they knew each other, as this will confirm that the defendants were perpetrators, and the commanders were top officials and the Zaev family, Nikoloski said.

He emphasized that they had been waiting for Zaev to comment on the tapes all day, but that did not happen, which was why the part is holding an extraordinary press conference. VMRO-PDMNE also called on Minister Nake Culev to investigate the case, the authorities to publish before the court the alleged audio tapes between Vice Zaev and Zoran Mileski, as well as those between Zoran Zaev and Katica Janeva.

No one would give Boki 13 a penny, let alone millions, if somebody was not backing him, Nikoloski said.