Sela leaves the Government, AA deputy ministers resign

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The deputy ministers of the Alliance for Albanians have resigned, Telma has reported.

The Alliance leader Zijadin Sela confirmed to Telma that Deputy Foreign Minister Arta Toci and Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Remzi Memeti resigned, adding that they will submit their resignations today or tomorrow in writing.

We are leaving the government because the contract we had with Zaev has been violated. It is obvious that this is done under the pressure of Ali Ahmeti, who establishes the same principle of rule and coalition as was the case when Nikola Gruevski was the Prime Minister, Sela told Telma.

Another reason, according to Sela, is the Law on Languages, which has not yet been adopted, and it is on the agenda of a parliamentary session that will be held no later than the end of January.