Life achievement award to Andrija Zafranovic at Cinematic festival

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Renowned film editor Andrija Zafranovic will be presented with the life achievement award at the 2. international film editing festival “Cinematic” in the Macedonian Cinematheque on Friday evening.

Earlier in the day, Zafranovic will hold a master-class at the Skopje-based Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Film “The Constitution”, directed by Rajko Grlic, will also be screened in Zafranovic’s honor.

Zafranovic, 68, was the editor of numerous films in the region of former Yugoslavia, with a career spanning four decades.

He graduated film and TV editing in Prague, worked as professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts and is currently teaching at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. Zafranovic has won the Golden Arena award at the Pula Film Festival of Yugoslav Films on three occasions.