President Ivanov opens Macedonian embassy in Brazil

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President Gjorge Ivanov has opened the Macedonian embassy to Brazil, the country’s first diplomatic office in Latin America.

“The embassy opening represents the beginning of a new friendship and cooperation between the two countries”, said President Ivanov at the ceremony.

Expressing hope that Brazil would open its embassy in Macedonia, Ivanov said visa liberalization between the two countries was an additional incentive for enhancement of cooperation, especially in the tourism field.

“Despite digital transformation, personal communication is irreplaceable. We need cooperation and personal contacts, because of peace and prosperity, because future generations need to have a certain future”, added the President.

Ambassador Ivica Bocevski said Macedonia saw Brazil as its partner in the global economic, technological, scientific and digital race.

“The embassy will focus on attracting foreign investments in Macedonia, especially the leading Brazilian brands”, he added.

Brazil’s Secretary General of Foreign Affairs Marcos Galvao highlighted the visa liberalization agreement between the two countries.

“We are currently identifying opportunities in the fields of intelligence, judiciary, trade and culture”, said Galvao.

On Tuesday, President Ivanov met with Brazilian counterpart Michel Temer. Thursday’s agenda includes meetings with MPs from the National Congress of Brazil.