Gruevski: VMRO-DPMNE won the election, and that’s a fact

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In his address on the occasion of the celebration of the 27th anniversary of VMRO-DPMNE, its leader Nikola Gruevski said that he he can see that someone is blinded by their hatred towards him, and cannot see the big picture.

-I would like to take this opportunity to send a message to SDSM leadership that regarding important issues we are at their disposal and they can count on us even in such conditions that they are creating, it is our obligation to the state, and here it is not just Gruevski in question, because I see that someone is blinded by their hatred towards me, and they cannot see the big picture, Gruevski said.

He underlined that VMRO-DPMNE want quick accession to NATO.

-And if there is clear and unambiguous question on that, we will certainly support it. The same goes for EU membership. And the reforms that are beneficial to all, and behind that there are no hidden agendas for politicization of institutions. But I have to say that VMRO-DPMNE will make all efforts to prevent laws and procedures that are beyond the national interests of Macedonia. Or that mean politicization of institutions. Or any bad decisions and abuses, Gruevski noted.

He said that VMRO-DPMNE will not allow someone’s strange euphoria and debt playing back in support or incompetence of greed.

-And it should be clear to everyone. And nothing will help them in it, neither SPO, nor anyone, Gruevski said.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE also said that during the December election campaign it seemed that the people did not believe in the seriousness of what the party spoke of and the reasons why they asked for 63 MPs.

-I would like to stress that the decisions we took at times, may have seemed inappropriate for many, especially those who do not have all the information and all the analysis, and it seems that some people misunderstood us because of some moves. During the December election campaign it seemed that the people did not believe in the seriousness of what we spoke of and the reasons why we asked for 63 MPs. However, later on some realized why the 63 MPs we asked for were important to us, for some time they could not understand something that is simple and that is that 51 MPs are not 63, and government cannot be formed with that number. But the fact is that VMRO won this elections, and SDSM as a defeated party to the detriment of national interests and with substantial and outreach of certain structures that brought SDSM to power, and normally those who brought the will soon come to collect what’s theirs. I stand behind our decisions, and I am ready to bear responsibility for them, in every sense. VMRO-DPMNE must go forward, the country must move forward. I believe that the time in which we are held hostage by a violent scenario that wants to engage everyone in a spiral of hatred, of anger, will pass, the time when we are guided by personal emotions and interests, as is the case with Zaev and his associates, and then the state will sink further to its complete disappearance. Thus Macedonia has a chance, Gruevski said.