Gruevski: Now no one is bothered that there is no balance in media coverage

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In his address on the occasion of the celebration of the 27th anniversary of VMRO-DPMNE, its leader Nikola Gruevski said that even though SDS publicly say that they want the media to criticize them, they spread fear among the most popular media, those who they said were their enemies.

With subtle threats, with the SPO, causing fear, with daily fines on the Broadcasting Council. On the 4-5 most watched TV stations, there is almost no critical news segment for the new government since it was elected, and of 10 daily activities barely one or two segments are dedicated to VMRO-DPMNE. 80 percent of the news segments are affirmation of the new government, which “is about to bring back life in Macedonia.” And most importantly, no one is bothered by that. Now there is no problem with balanced reporting, everything is ideal and probably on all those lists of media freedom, Macedonia will soon advance with meteoric speed. It was not about fair reporting, but reporting according to their taste, Gruevski said.