OHIS Employees will be Paid

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OHIS employees will probably be paid after the rebalancing of the budget for 2012 which is in procedure by the Parliament, according to MIA sources from the Government. In spite of the economical difficulties in the state and shortenings of the budget, they say, the Government is working intensively in finding a way to pay the OHIS employees.

In the meantime, the Government is working to find a strategic investor that will take over and manage the company. This company has already been put for sale and so far four companies have submitted the tendering documentation, and the deadline for submitting is May 30th. The main condition for sale is that the strategic investor keeps the employees for at least 5 years. This would be a permanent solution for OHIS employees.

The employees in the chemical industry haven’t been paid 13 salaries and therefore they protested in front of the Government on Monday, and yesterday on the factory property. At the moment, OHIS has around 850 workers.

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