Skopje will use funds saved from cancelled New Year Eve concert to expand the homeless shelter

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Skopje Mayor Koce Trajanovski proposed to use the two million denars (33.000 EUR) which the city saved by cancelling the New Year Eve celebration are used to expand the Momin Potok homeless shelter.13

“I will make this proposal officially at the next meeting of the Council. The money would be enough to purchase a new housing container with 16 beds and several showers”, said Trajanovski when he and City Council Irena Misheva met with employees of the shelter on Wednesday to distribute food packages and boots.

Many towns and cities across Macedonia decided to ditch the traditional New Year Eve celebrations and to save the money for other, humanitarian goals.

Opened in 2008, the Momin Potok shelter operates with the support of the city and the Red Cross organization, and it provides basic food and hygiene services, as well as medical assistance and counselling. It has more than a dozen beds, a kitchen, shower booths and other facilities. It was used to shelter homeless people during the extreme polar wave that hit the country earlier in January when it was open round the clock. The number of people staying there varies between 5 and 10 around the year and goes up to 20 in wintertime.