President Ivanov honors Nikola Madzirov as “national artist of Macedonia”

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President Gjorge Ivanov presented poet Nikola Madzirov with the title National artist of the Republic of Macedonia on Monday.

“This recognition, for me, is a kind of a stepping stone for future steps that are yet to be made, in the name of poetry and my deep dedication to art. International and Western European recognitions are the main criteria and acknowledgements that don’t bring servility. The orders coming from the current moment we live in and the yearning for historic eternity can only feed the poetry that will be defended with fragility and with cavalry like consistence”, Madzirov said while accepting the award.

President Ivanov said that it is fascinating how dedicated Madzirov has remained in his work to promote Macedonian poetry and literature in general, “For a poet, his native language is his first nation. Owing to his poems being translated into 50 world languages, Madzirov contributed toward greater respect for his country, the Republic of Macedonia”, said President Ivanov. This is the sixth time President Ivanov decorated an artist with this title, which carried financial assistance to help in promoting the work of the artist.

Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska Milevska said that Madzirov is honored for his work to promote the Macedonian language and literature at some of the top international poetry events. “Nikola Madzirov sends a message to the world that there are no small or large languages and cultures. With his rich contribution and his easily recognizable sensibility he has long surpassed the borders of our cultural area and has established intense communication with global cultural happenings”, said Minister Kanceska.