Finance Ministry condemns SDSM protesters for causing damage to its building

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The Finance Ministry condemned damage caused to its building by several dozen opposition supported protesters on Monday evening, who were throwing paint at the building.

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“We respect the right to peaceful protest, but we condemn vandalism by individuals who are damaging public property, built with the money of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia”, the Ministry reacted.

The Finance Ministry building, recently renovated at the site of a long derelict unfinished construction site, is the latest target by the opposition SDSM led protesters who are now protesting against the issuing of a 650 million EUR denominated bond. SDSM and their affiliated left wing NGO groups that take part in the protests blame the Government for the bond issue, which they claim will be used in the pre-election period. Conservative Government commentators see the bond issue, that should cover two year’s worth of deficits, as a cushion in a period when pre-election preparations will likely mean that SDSM will take on some kind of a role in the Government. During the preparations for the now cancelled April and June elections, SDSM’s officials in Government tried to prevent issuing domestic market bonds to cover day to day spending.