Project Free Holiday for Children from Socially Disadvantaged Families Continues

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In mid-June, about two thousand children from socially disadvantaged families will go on free summer vacation, for which MKD 8 million were provided. The government started this project four years ago.


“So far, about 12 thousand children from families at social risk and recipients of special assistance took the opportunity to go on holiday or winter vacation. In mid-June about two thousand children will leave for a holiday and MKD 8 million were provided for it, and in winter about a thousand kids will leave for a winter vacation”, the party VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski said, after the opening of the contact office of the Fund for innovation and technological development.

He added that this is an excellent opportunity for children from families at social risk and with very low incomes, who are dependent on the support, to go on holiday as well as their peers.

“For years, they did not have the opportunity to go somewhere on vacation like their peers and to experience all that. So they can, upon their return, to share with their friends how they spent their vacation, what they saw, what they learned, how they rested etc. This was announced in 2011 in the program, as well as in 2012, immediately after the election, we started preparations and we began the process that has become a tradition and rule, at least until the party VMRO-DPMNE is in power”, Nikola Gruevski said.