Prespa Region: EUR 15 Million Invested to Improve Infrastructure and Tourism Offer

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The Government has invested EUR 15 million in Prespa in the road and utility infrastructure and to improve the tourist offer. The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, on Monday in Resen pointed out that this is a region in which is invested within the possibilities of the government.

gruevski prespa

“We built two beautiful beaches in Stenje and Slivnica and for the beaches we have invested around EUR 1.2 million. Additional 1,400 meters of lake beaches are designed for editing. This month is to begin the construction of a footpath 5.5 kilometers long that will be beside the lake and will be a real magnet for both domestic and foreign tourists. Currently we are working on the reconstruction of the water supply, which is an investment of around EUR 300 thousand. We have also invested a lot of funds in the local roads. There are many local roads built and the reconstruction of the regional road Bitola – Resen is ongoing, which should be completed in September. So far, reconstructed are 50 kilometers of local and regional roads that are of importance to Resen Municipality”, Gruevski said.

He added that Resen continues to be the focus. This is, he said, a region which continues to be the focus of our work and as long as we see opportunities, we will invest in any segment significant for the citizens.