Nikola Gruevski: S&P Report Acknowledges Sound Economic Policies in Macedonia

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The latest Standard and Poor’s report is considered one of the best recognition of the sound economic policies of the government led by VMRO-­DPMNE. The report has affirmed Macedonia’s stable credit rating, said VMRO-­DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski on Saturday.

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“It is a very favorable report for us in the midst of a political crisis. It seems the excellent economic policies are defeating the political crisis in Macedonia… It is quite surprising that despite the political blows occurring in the past year and a half, the economy has been not only maintained, but it has also registered growth more than what has been initially projected in terms of economic growth, low budget deficit and foreign investments,” Gruevski told reporters.

According to S&P, Gruevski said, the country has created excellent conditions for running a business and has been implementing good economic policies in general.

“The report points out that economic growth was higher last year than what was initially forecast by relevant international institutions, including the government. It notes that growth came as a result of the efforts made to attract foreign investments in the country, which is also beneficial for local investors, because they become their collaborators, suppliers, partners, etc,” stated Gruevski.

Public investments in roads, energy projects, railways, hospitals and other infrastructural projects invested by the government are also considered an important factor for higher development, according to the report.

It is also important to note, Gruevski added, that according to the S&P report the budget’s deficit is sustainable. Also in the future, economic growth will begin to rely more on the cooperation between local and foreign investors, he stated.