‘Hollywood-like Scenario’: Basic Court Claims It Has Received No Search Warrnt by Special Prosecutor

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Investigators of the Special Prosecutor’s Office spent Wednesday night at the Central Registry premises, while members of special police units were deployed in front of the building to prevent any attempt of taking out documents that are needed for the investigative procedure.

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After the SPO investigators received the requested files, they and the police officers left the site, Telegraf.mk has learnt.

However, officials with the Basic Court Skopje 1, a.k.a the Criminal Court, said on Thursday that an order to revoke the documents was issued, but that the SPO did not requested the issuance of a search warrant. The Court refuses to comment the Wednesday operation and the technical measures taken by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, but it did qualified them as a ‘Hollywood-like scenario’.

The SPO’s operation on assembling files from Macedonia’s Central Registry concluded early on Thursday morning, around 4:00 am. Officials with the newly established prosecutor’s office said they were acting in line with an order issued by a judge, and that they have started carrying out the operation on collecting the documents from the Central Registry.

“The order was issued on the demand of this prosecutor’s office, after the Central Registry failed to act on our demand following a 30-day time frame, notifying us only that the ‘demand was unclear’, although we had telephone communication in several occasions with public prosecutors and investigators in terms of explaining what is the subject of our request,” SPO official say.

The Basic Court confirmed the SPO requested an order to take the files from the Central Registry out, but it did not issue a search warrant.

“The issued order to revoke the files that was requested by the SPO in this case, as well as in several prior cases, shows that the Basic Court Skopje 1 cooperates and has a positive approach to the SPO work in terms of performing its legal competences and authorities against the information shared to the public that the prosecutor’s office is faced with the biggest resistance precisely with this court, as they claim themselves in their report,” the press release issued by Skopje 1 reads.

Court officials add they refuse to comment the Wednesday operation by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which it deems resembles a ‘Hollywood-like scenario’.

“The Basic Court Skopje 1 will not comment yesterday’s SPO operation and its operative and technical measures of trap and ambush of the institutions, by calling on court orders and anonymous notifications that remind more of a Hollywood-like scenario, and not of a serious and committed accomplishment of the role of an organ such as the Special Prosecutor’s Office,” it added.

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva said on Thursday that the previous day, her institution received part of the Central Registry files, and given the fact that those amount to a high number, in the next few days, all the necessary documents needed for the concrete case will be collected.