Nikola Gruevski: Government’s Focus Remains on EU and NATO Membership

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We are characterized by so many things, especially by the efforts and hard work, our dedication, and responsible approach. One of our more significant characteristics is the care, pleading for, and defending the national and public interest.


This was announced by Nikola Gruevski on Sunday, President of VMRO-DPMNE, pointing that the Government’s focus is always Macedonia.

“Always, and everywhere, we have strived and will strive for this essential value, our focus will always be this country, our country Macedonia. Everything the generations before us have fought for, we will keep, we will not endanger and we will develop, to make sure we pass it on to the next generations. The NATO and EU memberships are our strategic determination despite all criticism, we stand strong, and walk that way, and create results. The main challenge and focus of EU at the moment is the migrant crisis, which we are facing as well. On the other hand, we are not stepping back from our reform agenda to become member of EU and NATO, that is an important process in which we keep implementing measures and Laws,” Gruevski pointed.