Education Investments: 74 New Schools Have Been Built, 400 Reconstructed

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Education is the moving force of the key processes in a society and so we have made great investments in it, said Nikola Gruevski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE.


“This is a sphere which was completely neglected so we needed to take large steps back. We have increased the budget for the education by 72.3 percent. This is the seventh year in a row we have provided free education, i.e. free textbooks for all students in primary and secondary schools, in which we have invested over EUR 40 million. This concept will continue to be implemented.

We have provided free transportation for students attending classes in schools over 2.5 kilometers of their homes. We have brought the Cambridge educational programs in Macedonia. That has brought new quality,” Gruevski said.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science  Spiro Ristovski said that a total of 74 new schools have been built, and around 400 have been completely reconstructed.

“That is a EUR 50 million investment for improvement of infrastructure in education. An investment which cannot be compared with anything before that, because we do not even remember when a new school was built before 2006. Speaking of the following period, this year we are finishing the construction of two new schools, and we are planning to start the construction of 6 new school buildings which we have announced and promised to citizens, also 60 other school buildings will be completely renovated. A total of 20 have been finished, 20 are still in the process of renovation, and another 20 will be done in the summer period, Ristovski added.

Ristovski pointed that until this point, 51 school gyms have been constructed, and this year another 9 will be completed, and 9 more are scheduled to be built.