PM Dimitriev: Elections will be fair, democratic and credible

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The upcoming elections will be fair, democratic and credible in compliance with all European standards. The standards are clear and precise, conditions have been established and there is time and resources to organize (the elections), caretaker Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev stated Friday after a joint meeting with the EU and US ambassadors, Aivo Orav and Jess Baily respectively.



Dimitriev said the meeting was ‘good and constructive’ in which he had presented his views and activities carried out as part of his mandate to organize the elections on April 24.

So far two meetings have been held with members of the State Election Commission (SEC), according to him. “The government has taken all necessary measures in order fair and democratic elections to be organized. Working full speed ahead, we are seriously aware that this is what the people expect of us and fully aware that elections on April 24 will put an end to this crisis which has been imposed on our country. The citizens of Macedonia expect from us all to end the crisis as soon as possible and we are responsible to make this happen,” said Dimitriev.

SEC, he added, has a clear mandate and all of its members are responsible before the Constitution, laws and the people of the country to fulfill their obligation on time.

“This bears particular importance since it is clear that the four parties had verified the Law on Elections regulating all aspects of the elections. They had adopted in Parliament a law stipulating that elections should be held on April 24 thus becoming committed to this. Additionally, Parliament had reached a decision to dissolve on Feb. 24 putting an end to all the dilemmas surrounding the election date,” the Macedonian interim premier stated.

Any obstruction of the SEC is nothing else but an attempt to delay and deepen the crisis in the country, which will not be supported by any serious factor, according to him.

Dimitriev urged SDSM to inform SEC today that it accepted the clean-up methodology, as all other political parties that had already done it. After doing so, he added, the Commission will be allowed to start the process of cleaning up the voters’ list.

As regards media reforms, he said he had been informed that all that had been agreed in relation to the organization of elections on April 24 was included in the latest changes to the Electoral Law adopted by the parties in Parliament.

“The law clearly includes all the rules in connection to elections that must be respected by the media, such as equal access to the public and equal access to advertising by public broadcasters and representation in news programmes of the public broadcasting service. Any future attempts made to complicate the issue only contributes to creating negative environment and intentionally opening topics that have nothing to do with freedom of the media,” stated Dimitriev.

He commended the ruling VMRO-DPMNE’s support for any European law on media to be implemented in Macedonia, as well as the efforts of five national TV networks (Telma, Alsat, Sitel, Kanal 5 and Alfa) and the two journalists’ associations to contribute to media reforms.

Credible allegations of pressure and intimidation during the voting process must and will be thoroughly investigated, Dimitriev said, adding that each and every citizen is entitled to attend public events of own choice.

Dimitrov said he would be very happy to see the leaders of both ruling and opposition parties at events promoting projects throughout the country.

“It seems that the crisis has contributed to neglecting the main task of politicians – to realize projects for the benefit of citizens, promote measures and reforms for improving the living standard, and not to provoke crises, be part of various conspiracies and think about bringing harm instead of creating something,” Dimitriev said.