Ristovski: Еxternal testing ends on schedule

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Speaking during his visit to Stip, Deputy Education Minister Spiro Ristovski said that, after the initial computer problems, the annual external testing has been completed without any other significant difficulties.


The external testing system verifies whether the grades students received correspond to their actual knowledge of different subjects, and provides rewards or fines for teachers whose grades are statistically most off mark. Ristovski said that there will be changes to the program, which the opposition SDSM party announced would abolish if they are elected.

“We said we will change parts of the program. Given the time available, we need to prepare for these changes in the coming period, and to improve the quality of the external testing. We have publicly appealed to everyone who has ideas to make in this line to step ahead, and work with us to improve the system”, Ristovski said.

During his visit to Stip, where he was at the opening ceremony of a television channel associated with the Goce Delcev University, the Deputy Minister said that the old Dunja student campus in Skopje will be demolished and rebuilt. Students coming to the capital often complain about the living standards in the public campuses that provide subsidized housing. Ristovski said that the Government and the Education Ministry are also working to restore the existing campuses in Stip and build a new one, given the growing student population in the city.