Nikovski: Gruevski made it clear that citizens are the ones who decide which party will be in power

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The rhetoric of VMRO-DPMNE President Nikola Gruevski was common and the emphasized vocabulary was in line with the event. This is the former diplomat Nikovski assessment of addressing at the annual conference of the Union of Women of VMRO-DPMNE.

According to him, Gruevski made it clear that there must be elections on 24 April and that the citizens are the ones who decide, which party will be in power.

– I think that is the key message sent to the domestic and foreign political public that the Macedonian citizens are the ones who decide who will be in power. Also very important is the fact that elections must be on 24 of April because, otherwise, the state would go toward collapse. It is well that is understood in Washington and in Brussels that it is clear that the opposition offers no constructive option. Gruevski has right when he says that with the SEC and the Ministry of Interior Affairs in their hands, the opposition cannot play on the card that the April elections will not be fair and honest – says Nikovski for

VMRO DPMNE President emphasized that on 24 of April will arrive the punishment and vengeance from the people as come their 5 minutes.

– It is the day when the people, the people of Macedonia, all will show who is who in this country i.e. whose country is it. In April, the people of Macedonia will regain partial seized power, through massive vote at the election will expel on kicks artificially appointed officials, and will send several messages – said Gruevski.