Zaev did not appear on trial for case “Bribery” – again does not comply with national legislation and institutions

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Mayor of Strumica and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev today showed that he does not comply with laws and institutions of the Republic of Macedonia. The trial for the case “Bribery”, which was due to start today in the Basic Court Skopje 1 has been postponed due to the absence of Zaev.


The trial was postponed because the Zaev was official busy and is scheduled for 3 of March.

Zaev, according to statement of his lawyer Vane Andreev, did not appear in Skopje Unit due to meeting in the Chinese Embassy, ​​although previously confirmed that would appear at the hearing. Due to the absence, so far for few times he delayed the process in the case “Putsch”. Zaev appeared before the court for this case after the case was taken by the Special Public Prosecutor.

After the postponement of the trial for the case “Putsch” Zaev asked Special Public Prosecutor’s Office to take the case “Bribery”.

Such behavior of Zaev by breach of laws and institutions raises suspicion that the leader of SDSM official is not busy and can attend court hearing only when Katica Janeva is prosecutor.

Namely, the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed the case “Bribery” in June last year with the indictment against Zaev. Zaev is accused of accepting bribes for 200,000 euro to carry out the legalization of state land.