The German company confirmed: Oliver Spasovski fabricated the criminal with driving licenses

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The German company “Veridos” which is one of the major world companies in this business, confirmed that the technical interior minister Oliver Spasovski fabricated the criminal with driving licenses.


KURIR today managed to get response from the German company on issues related to the affair, in which states that the error was immediately perceived after the arrival of blank documents in Skopje and the Macedonian Ministry Interior Affairs informed “Veridos” immediately after the error was found out.

Director for corporate communications at “Veridos” Andrea Nietzsche, says G & D Government Solutions, now “Veridos” has been providing the Macedonian MOI with secure and state-of-art ID documents since 2007, and the latest being is the Macedonian passport, which is ranked among the best passports worldwide due to physical and electronic security features.

-At the moment, “Veridos” is in process of delivering driver’s licenses to the MOI. Due to an internal misunderstanding on our side, documents with numbering sequences of one of previous years were delivered in December. were “blank” i.e.  not yet personalized. As the “Veridos” stock management and personalization system, installed at the customer site, contains built-in state of the art security precautions, the error was immediately identifies upon arrival of the blank documents in Skopje, says Nitsche.


Answer Veridos (click on the photo for a larger resolution)

By stressing that the next step, personalization was hindered by the security measures of the system.

-The Macedonian MOI informed immediately us after the discovery of the error. It was agreed that the MOI to destroy documents immediately and Veridos offer help for it. I addition, “Veridos” will send new, exactly numbered documents, at no cost to the Ministry with the next shipment, adds Nitsche in the answer.

Based on the questions and the response, it is clear that the company rejects any criminal motive at technical error. “Veridos” rejects the possibility of identity theft and rejects thesis for coordination with someone at MOI, i.e. it is done based on someone’s order. With their response, they practically reject any link with the ruling party, as claimed Spasovski at the beginning of the press conference. Additionally, it confirms once again that Spasovski actually fabricated the alleged crime with driving licenses.


Questions from Kurir

The company “Veridos” is one of the major world companies in this business. It is formed by fusion of two renowned companies Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei. The second company is owned by the state or the German Government, so that in the newly established company “Veridos”,  Germany practically owns 40% of the capital.