Gruevski: On April 24th comes the punishment and revenge from the people

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We spent year in which someone by using SDSM wanted, in the most dirty way to destroy VMRO-DPMNE and to destabilize Macedonia, and changes in lines such as its interests require, the President of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Gruevski in his address to the VMRO-DPMNE Annual UW Conference.


-Everything was perfectly prepared, but as we know, there is no perfect crime. In this case, it lacked serious finesse, which like many times in history proved to be crucial for our survival, which was forgotten, or at least underestimated, and it is the people, it is the people of Macedonia. As much at the beginning, briefly confused, surprised, created a mist before someone eyes, people, faster than all expectations have understood well the long-term prepared dirty game and rejected, Gruevski said.

He stressed that the people of Macedonia once again demonstrated capacity for statehood. After all the games, all the set-ups, after so many years spent in preparations for the coup and achieving some other interests, today on 24 of January 2016, said Gruevski, VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonia are stronger and more united, than ever before.

-That is why Macedonia is strong. Because of its people, because of its capacity, and the amazing power to recognize the dirty games and bad intentions. The political crisis that has marked the past year will end with early elections in April. Now people are more angry than ever. Unfortunately for SDSM, the anger is not aimed at VMRO-DPMNE, but to those who have raped the constitution and laws, that brought political crisis and uncertainty, and are doing the same to continue and deepen it, that created situation for the benefit of the state and people, temporarily voluntarily to withdraw those, which people themselves have chosen, and enforced officials who do not want and were not chosen, which dismissed the election, to whom they passed laws and institutions that are not their choice, said Gruevski.

VMRO DPMNE emphasized that on 24 of April, comes the punishment and vengeance from people, their 5 minutes are coming.

-It is the day when people, the people of Macedonia, all will show who is who in the country i.e. whose is this country. In April, people from Macedonia will partly regained seized power through massive voting at the election, will expel and kick the artificially appointed officials, and will send several messages, Gruevski said.