Gruevski: People are wise and is smarter than numerous services and their exponents

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Fourth message that will come from the people at the next election caused by the political crisis that was created by SDSM and those who helped them, is that not only is the master of this territory, and decide on their future, but that is wise and not foolish, that is smarter than numerous services and their exponents, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski in his addressing.


-Only one who thinks that people are stupid, lack in creative ideas for the common good, can believe that could buy their trust by “selling something” that people have for long time ago: freedom and democracy. I’m not saying that the democracy cannot be improved, but the one that believes if offer people freedom and democracy, and convinces them that now are living in dictatorship regime or do not know it, and believes that with that preferred bid will win the elections, we should know that our nation is not silly nor naive, but stupid is one who believes it will convince them “to buy” them something that has for a long time, that one is stupid, Gruevski said.