Gruevski: The winner at the next elections with overwhelming support of the majority of people will be VMRO-DPMNE and coalition

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VMRO is constant. Numerous people went against VMRO in these 123 years, but in vain. VMRO and Macedonia have survived all crises, ultimatums, blackmail, set-ups, shots. VMRO and Macedonia have survived decades of repression, said Gruevski in his addressing.


-VMRO is here because it is the wish and choice of our people. And everyone’s effort to imperil people’s will and to break VMRO will end in failure. VMRO will be where is, until we work honest, hard and stick to the given word to the people. We live in democracy. Normally, one day, people will give the other party chance to lead country and VMRO will go into opposition and again will fight for Macedonia. And again will come back to power. Both parties will fight, will win and lose, but will fight with wisdom, with ideals, with competing ideas, reason, projects and reforms, policies and actions for the benefit of the people. Not dirty games and manipulation, said Gruevski and:

-At the next parliamentary elections, today everyone knows, young and old, male and female, and those who love and support us and those who hate or despise us and both locals and newcomers, both external and internal, the winner at the coming parliamentary elections with the support of the overwhelming majority of people in this country will be VMRO-DPMNE, Gruevski said.