Pendarovski does not know that after the 17th, comes May 18th

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Instead of elections, SDSM will go to the protests, but their presidential candidate who suffered fiasco in the elections, Stevo Pendarovski apparently does not know that after 17th, comes 18 of May.


Professor Stevo Pendarovski, who was the SDSM candidate at the presidential elections instead with the power of the pen, is threatening with protests.

-It seems that the new May 17 is coming! “The citizens for Macedonia” in the coalition “For Macedonia’s salvation,” wrote Pendarovski on his Twitter account.


Such statements rise doubts whether instead of accepting election and dismissal of the political crisis, which SDSM introduced the country in, the party is considering implementing of new black scenarios for Macedonia.

The public still remembers the SDSM scenario conducted in May last year. The protests led to violence in the streets, a dozen police officers injured, damaged media workers, media facilities broken, damaged equipment and vehicles of members of the security police units.

Citizens remember the photos published by the media where members of the SDSM in their premises were practicing with batons.

This is the scenario that SDSM is again preparing for and for this kind of May 17 Pendarovski speaks?