There are no obstacles to have elections on 24 of April

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Hahn is confident that can be hold fair and democratic elections on 24 of April. He noted that personally from the President SEC was assured that can clean the voter list until April 24 and that it will not be obstacle to hold the elections.


Such assurances he noted after finish of the several hours long negotiations in Przhino that were left by the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev not accepting elections on 24 of April.

Commissioner Hahn said that Macedonia is in very delicate situation and regretted that all the parties have not reached agreement for elections on 24 of April. He believes that there is still opportunity to agree on all issues and announced that the mediator Peter Vanhaute will remain in the country and will continue the discussions with the parties.

-Three out of four leaders were agreed on date and guaranteed compliance. There is  democratic commitment to hold elections because the Government is committed and there is strong opposition. The European Union will strongly monitor the elections through representatives from European institutions. So far, everything is hypothetical whether the agreement would be fulfilled, said Hahn.

Hahn noted that in democracy, the majority decides. Once again, confirmed that there are conditions for elections.

-On Thursday I had contact with the ODIHR Director, Mr. Link and Secretary General of the OSCE. Both confirmed me that if everyone in the country is committed and it is possible to conduct fair, transparent and democratic elections, according to our European and international standards. In every way that the European institutions, the OSCE, ODIHR, the European Commission … can help to do, they will be there and I will come again. Now it remains political parties to make decisions. I can only encourage everyone to participate in the elections, said Hahn.

Yesterday via social networks the Commissioner sent message to the citizens that would be provided fair and democratic elections.


-I assure citizens, that no matter what will be the final decision of the political parties that we would provide full support to ensure free and fair elections, wrote Hahn.

The Prime Minister Gruevski said that Hahn informed them that the SEC, the OSCE and ODIHR reported that there are no obstacles for organizing elections on 24 of April.

– Commissioner Hahn clearly told us that the president of SEC informed him that there are no obstacles to organize the elections on 24 of April 2016. The President of the SEC informed the Commissioner Hahn. In addition, Commissioner Hahn informed us that OSCE reported that there are no obstacles to organize the elections on 24 of April. In addition, Commissioner Hahn told us that ODIHR also informed that there are no obstacles and that there is time to prepare for the elections to be held on 24 of April. Only one person is trying to extend the crisis in the country and strengthen it as with his behavior, not only cannot solve, but also might strengthen the crisis, Gruevski said.

Despite assurances from the Hahn, the SEC, the OSCE and ODIHR, despite the consent of the VMRO-DPMNE; DUI and DPA that elections should be on 24 of April Zaev takes all steps to panic and to escape the confrontation with the people.

Citizens yesterday sent the clear message that they want elections and finally to end the crisis that has been imposed by the opposition.

After the guarantees from all, it is clear that in Macedonia will be created all the conditions for the election to be held on 24 of April, as stated in the Agreement from Przhino.