New foreign investment: X Trade enters in Skopje, hundred new employments

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International company X Trade today opened offices in Skopje. The Prime Minister Gruevski attended the opening and announced that the company will employ 100 people.


X Trade is international company working in the field of online trading on the global foreign exchange market and as of today is present in Macedonia.

Four consecutive days in Macedonia are officially marked the investmenta. In the previous three days were German “Akomplast”, BRG Group from India and German Electro-Mechatronic Systems and today the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Minister for Foreign Investment Jerry Naumof and Sheila Campagnano, a representative of the international company, attended the opening of new offices Italian X-Trade.

The company will hire hundreds of highly educated young people.

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-Their activity consists of online support to its customers in the financial markets worldwide. In the company that was opened in Macedonia now have employed about 30 young people and in future, plan the figure to reach 100, said Gruevski.

In the foreground, they are seeking people with higher education and good language skills, specialized in sales and customer support for the French, Italian, Slovenian and English financial market.

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The facilities are located in the center of Skopje and are already regulated, and work will officially begin on 20 January.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that this investment is another indication that there is result of Government efforts to bring as many investors, adding that they remain focused on new investments, new jobs, economic growth, better standards and better quality of life for all.

-Macedonia has results as had never before. We do not intend to deviate from this path, quite the contrary, we plan further to work with harder pace. The one that can follow us is welcome, the one that does not know can watch and learn how to act for the benefit of citizens, said the Prime Minister.

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Minister Jerry Naumof noted that this investment would help to reduce the unemployment and retaining highly educated youth in the country. He pointed out that employees will receive training that will be highly paid for done work.

The whole implementation of the investment takes place in period of less than one year.

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Sheila Campagnano noted that for period of three months since the company was registered, out of the planned 100 people have already been hired 32 people who have undergone training. He pointed out that had been taken into account the other opportunities to realize their investment, but they considered that Macedonia is their choice. The company will work on the markets at France, England, Italy and Slovenia.