Remenski is breaching the law again

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Portal Netpress come to new insights about partisanship which is conducted in the institutions of social protection following the scandalous and illegal decision of the technical Minister of Labor and Social Policy for dismissal of directors of social welfare centers and institutions, for which have already been filed appropriate charges.


As the portal already announced that according to well informed sources, it is deliberate operation for changing the legitimately elected directors with SDSM members who are already working in the Centers. During the New Year and Christmas holidays, in collaboration with SDSM community organizations were agreed names for Acting Directors and part of them were surprised by the party’s decision.


In the example for appointing the Director of Public Institution Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youth Topansko Pole Skopje, not only that is appointed proven party member, but also are violated the conditions for the election of Deputy Director. Frosina Tashevska Remenski against the law provisions for Deputy Director appointed Ljupco Kec Mickovski member of SDSM Sopishte, adviser in Municipality Sopishte in 2000, mayor in the period 2005-2009. In 2009 and 2013 he was again SDSM candidate for mayor.

His appointment as Acting Director was illegal because Mickovski has no adequate education i.e. he is graduate engineer agronomist contrary to the conditions. Pursuant to the Statute of the public institution for the institution’s director can be elected person, which besides the general conditions provided by law, must meet the following requirements:

-to have niversity degree, VII-1 level of education of the following educational profiles: graduate special educator, graduate pedagogue, graduate psychologist, graduate social worker or graduated jurist.

Also, Mickovski is remembered in the public after the event in 2008 when under the influence of alcohol with official vehicle ran over members of VMRO-DPMNE, one of whom was seriously injured. More obvious it is that party affiliation of Ljupcho Mickovski was critical for the appointment of acting director where should serve as technical minister for making a mess in the institutions.



Also in other cases of appointment of acting directors are proven SDSM activists:

Acting Director of CSW Strumica Zoran Manev, President of the Municipal SDSM chairman of the Council of Strumica, a candidate for MP from SDSM

Acting Director of CSW Gostivar Nadica Velichkoska- member of SDSM, a former councilor in the municipality of Gostivar

Acting Director of CSW Radovish Dragi Dimitirev-ex-director of CSW, dismissed due to illegal operation

Acting Director of CSW Krushevo Hrisula Kuzmanovska member of the SDSM in 2015 and with disciplinary measure.

Acting Director of CSW Prilep Zhivko Siljanoski-former director of CSW during the SDSM

Acting Director of CSW Skopje Suzana Ilievska-there was initiative for disciplinary action and party activist SDSM

Acting Director of PI Home for infants Bitola Sonia Ilievska director of kindergarten in Bitola during the SDSM

Acting Director of CSW Berovo Violeta Furnadziska-ex-directror of the CSW in the SDSM period

Acting Director of S CSW Resen Zore Proevska SDSM party activist

Acting Director of CSW Kochani Sonia Andonovska SDSM member

Acting Director Department for protection and rehabilitation Banja Bansko-Stojanka Izova former director at the time of SDSM

Acting Director of CSW Demir Hisar Dimche Mitreski member of SDSM.

We encourage technical Minister Remenski during the day to file criminal charges for her illegal operation.