Gruevski is visiting US to meet with Biden

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In order to intensify the bilateral relations and cooperation, the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski will visit the United States.


During the visit, the Prime Minister Gruevski at the White House in Washington will meet with US Vice President Joe Biden.

Expected topics of conversation with US Vice President Biden are the activities to strenghten mutual relations and cooperation, Macedonia’s reforms and democratic processes, the increase in economic cooperation and trade relations, security issues and Macedonia’s integration into NATO and the EU.

The Government of Republic of Macedonia press service confirmed the information from MIA.

This is the second meeting of the Prime Minister Gruevski with US Vice President Biden. Their first meeting took place in February 2011.

The upcoming meeting is important step in improving relations between the two countries.

Republic of Macedonia and the US are friendly countries and have close relations. The two countries have signed declaration on strategic partnership and establishing close cooperation at the political and economic level.