Realizing the promised, Gorno Lisiche will get kindergarten

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New kindergarten that will accommodate 100 children was started today in Gorno Lisiche at the site of the old gym in the schoolyard of “Goce Delchev”.


The facility will include two large study halls, kitchen, toilets, reception and administrative area, and will meet all modern standards enabling conditions for care and accomodation of preschool children.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who attended the start of construction of the kindergarten noted that it was necessary in this part of the city and it was citizens’ request as it was necessary, but because the municipality Aerodrom is increasing number of young families who have more children.

-In 2008, in Aerodrom there were 30 third-born children, and in 2014 nearly doubled, i.e. 59 third-born children. The data from the first nine months of 2015 show that were born 682 babies in Aerodrom, which compared to other years announces that 2015 will be record year for births in Aerodrom, said Gruevski.


The Prime Minister urged the construction and equipping of kindergartens bedsides the changes that have taken place in the political agreements, not to hold back because it is in the interest of children.

Blocking such projects is not in the interest of no one and for these reasons, I urge you not to inhibit such projects. Kindergartens are for children, let us put politics aside, emphasized the Prime Minister.

Mayor of the Municipality of Aerodrom, Ivica Koneski stressed that have been renovated existing kindergartens in the municipality, and due to need was announced construction of new facilities.


-With the new kindergarten today we begin to build and we will not stop, but during this year, we will build new facility for the kindergarten “Srnichka” with the capacity to accept 200 children. In 2017, however, within the kindergarten “Buba Mara” we will build another new facility with capacity for 200 children, said Konevski.

The construction of the kindergartens is promise that the Prime Minister gave to the residents during his field visit in September last year.