Gasoline cheaper for one, diesel for three denars

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From midnight, the gasoline will be cheaper for one, and diesel for three denars, today decided the Energy Regulatory Commission.


Liter EUROSUPER-95 will be sold for 61.50 and EUROSUPER-98 for 63.50 MKD.

The new price for EURODIESEL (DE V) will be 43,50 MKD. Extra light household oil will be cheaper by 3.5 MKD and will cost 32 MKD per liter.

The price for crude oil M-1 HC is reduced by 1,774 MKD per kilogram and will cost 15.969 MKD.

ERC establish the new price of fuel based on movements in the price of crude oil on the world market and exchange rate against the dollar in the past 14 days.