This is friendship and cooperation: Gruevski in Israel received with high honor and in style of great friend

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The friendly welcome of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in Israel by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed the excellent relations between the two countries that are characterized by mutual friendship and mutual understanding, despite the scandals that provoked opposition leader Zoran Zaev during his visit to the Jewish state.


Macedonia and Israel are definitely friendly countries that have solid cooperation. This is common statement of Gruevski and Netanyahu after the meeting. Despite the attempts of some structures for creating staged event to disrupt relations, both countries have shown they are friendly to each other and continue firmly to cooperate in all fields.

Macedonian Prime Minister was friendly welcomed. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed his Macedonian counterpart with Nikola during the press conference, which expresses familiarity and trust that each other have and which reflects the relations of the countries.

From the visit of the delegation it was observed that Israel highly appreciates the activities of Gruevski for the Jewish state. Holocaust Memorial Center of the Jews from Macedonia in Skopje, the establishment of Holocaust Fund of Jews in Macedonia and the restitution of the property of Jews deported without legal heirs are just projects that took place under the baton of Gruevski and are projects indicating the friendship between the two countries.

Netanyahu did not forget in his statement to highlight in particular, the cooperation in the defense and security field that just some structures have tried to disrupt through Zaev’s action, so this statement of General Bibi (Netanyahu’s nickname) is direct message to all of them that with Macedonia they have solid and very important and significant cooperation.

In Israel Gruevski was treated in high respect and with style of great friend. There was joint press conference with the leader of Israel that radiated warmth and friendship. Netanyahu on his official profile published the video from the meeting.

In contrast, Zaev in Israel was left to make statement in front of state institution in the background while tourists walked in slippers, which confirms what is the opinion of Israel for Zaev. Additionally, Zaev’s visit to the Jewish state was characterized by scandals, being denied by the Israeli Foreign Ministry for his statements, scandal that reached the prime pages of European newspapers and Brussels.

On the other hand, Gruevski signed the Declaration of friendship of strategic importance, which is another step forward in improving relations and message from Israel that for them Macedonia is very important. All in all, 100: 0 for Gruevski regarding Zaev, comment connoisseurs and evidence that public policy is skill that apparently Zaev does not have and proof that relations between the two friendly countries cannot be overshadowed by Zaev’s exhibitions and his inventions.

Gruevski scored three times, demonstrated the strength of the friendship of the two countries, signed friendship agreement of strategic importance and managed to sign contracts that include promotion of investment relations, economic cooperation and health cooperation.