Czech support for EU, NATO and the refugee crisis

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The support of the Czech Republic to Macedonia in the process of joining the EU and NATO, migrant crisis and bilateral relations were the focus of Friday’s talks between Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski and President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Jan Hamáček.


Veljanoski after the meeting emphasized consistent policy of unconditional support that Czech Republic gives to Macedonia’s membership in NATO and EU.

Once again I stressed that as far as the EU integration of Macedonia is concerned, we have full political consensus and despite the absurd imposed veto by our southern neighbor, which is contrary to all international documents, including the judgment of the tribunal in The Hague, however, large percentage of citizens support our strategic commitment, Veljanovski said.

Regarding the refugee, Veljanoski said that Macedonia is making huge efforts, financial resources and human resources to provide humanitarian treatment of refugees and to respect international standards and principles.

But here I must mention that we have an obligation to protect ourselves from all those negative consequences that come with the flow of refugees and humanitarian crisis, and it is primarily the terrorism. The paradox is even greater because the refugees come from EU member state and demand to head to the EU again. Considering the fact that European institutions told that maximum cooperation and security is necessary between the countries in tackling the crisis, I have clearly stated that Macedonia needs funds, Veljanoski said.

Hamacek and Veljanoski assessed that bilateral and parliamentary relations are moving upward, but still there is a need for their improvement especially in the economy.

Hamacek said that he has come to Macedonia together with the parliamentary delegation due to three reasons-to confirm the excellent level of our bilateral relations, to give support to your beautiful country on the path to EU and NATO membership and talk about migrant crisis.

He added that Macedonia is very much affected by this flow of refugees. He considers that it is good that Europe wants the refugee crisis to solve at European level, because the crisis cannot be resolved at the level of states, but jointly.

Hamáček underlined that the cooperation between Europe and Turkey is crucial for this issue, also it is necessary each country to fulfill its tasks.

The refugees caught Europe by surprise. The Czech Republic is trying to help Macedonia. It is a modest help but we hope it would be welcome, Hamáček said.