New gym in Prilep, Gruevski announced another three

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Government secondary school “Kuzman Josifovski Pitu” in Prilep today received  new hall, the government investment worth 24 million MKD is part of the project for construction of 145 school gyms, in which 500 students attend classes.


The building was officially opened by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who underlined that education and sport in recent years are among the highest priorities of the Government.

– Encouraging and fostering sportsmanship among young people we think it is extremely important step in the education of our children. Through sport we keep health, develop sense of teamwork, respect for the opponent, the tenacity and perseverance to reach desired. However, to nurture sports tradition it is necessary to have gyms, courts and pitches on which our youth can learn about the sport. To this end, the Government in the recent years begun implementing several capital investments aimed to upgrade everything that had been done by all previous governments, or to build sports fields and gyms in every place in Macedonia where are lacking and where are conditions to build, said Gruevski.

He said that within the great sports project for construction of 145 school gyms this is the third hall, which is placed in service in Prilep.

Fourth Hall is under construction for the school “Dobre Jovanovski” and in the coming years there are plans for construction three others.


Among investment in sport in Prilep he recalled that were built two football fields, a tennis court and a multipurpose sports field, and it is planned construction of a tennis court at the school “Mirce Acev” and a multipurpose sports field in Kanatlarci.

Among the most important projects he pointed out the construction of prefabricated schools in Chepigovo in Galich, in Berovci and reconstruction and repairs in four municipal schools. Particularly the project for setting heating system at the “Kire Gavriloski Jane”, which was implemented this year and this school for the first time received heating.

The Prime Minister today officially opened school in the village Berovci “Krum Volnaroski” for whose construction the Government set aside 2.6 million MKD and in which classes are attended by over 30 students.

Deputy Minister for Education Spiro Ristovski said that the new modern sports hall in school “Kuzman Josifovski Pitu” will be used by the students, but also the residents of this part of Prilep, which lacks this sports facility, which is achieved according to election promises.

– This is the 49th school sport hall that we put in use in the project for construction of 145 school gyms and is another example of successful infrastructure investments in education, underlined Ristovski.

Mayor of Prilep Marjan Ristevski stressed that this sports hall opened today will enable the development of sports and sports activities and will contribute to improving conditions for teaching the students of this school.

Sports hall covers area of ​​650 square meters. Fully equipped with sports equipment and provide training basketball, handball, soccer, volleyball and gymnastics. It has a shower and a separate room for teachers.


Earlier, Prime Minister Gruevski within his visit to Prilep attended the opening of new football field in collaboration with the Municipality of Prilep and the Football Federation of Macedonia, worth 300,000 euro. The football field has a new field with artificial grass and new supporting equipment and is intended for the Sports Academy.