NEW SCANDAL: Remenski continues with law violation

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Technical Minister Frosina Remenski allowed to open kindergarten that does not meet legal requirements, which is again disregard of laws and bylaws. Remenski,  although was informed that the kindergarten does not met requirements under the law and is not ready for opening, however allowed to be open.


This is another major scandal because technical Minister Remenski first announced her presence to the opening ceremony of the kindergarten on November 23, Monday at 11 o’clock and 15 minutes in Vrapchishte together with the Minister of Education and Science Abdulakim Ademi, Mayor of Vrapchishte and UNDP Resident representative in Macedonia, Louise Winton. This can be confirmed by notice sent to the media from her office.


Meanwhile, the Department for Child Protection Information submitted to the Cabinet of the technical Minister Remenski in which specifically stated that the kindergarten is not ready for opening, does not meet the legally prescribed conditions and there is no decision to perform activity for care for children of preschool age, personally signed by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy. This can be confirmed from the e-mail, which is sent to Cabinet of Remenski on November 23 at 9 o’clock and 10 minutes, which means technical Minister Frosina Remenski timely was informed and knew that the building does not meet the statutory requirements and should not be opened.


Despite this, she knowingly allowed the facility intended for kindergarten that does not meet the legally prescribed conditions, to hold opening ceremony and thus did not informed the other guests announced at the opening of kindergarten facility that it does not meet the conditions stipulated in the Law on Protection of children.

For her unscrupulousness and dishonesty, speaks her attempt to manipulate the public and the media, that the notice sent to the media on November 23 from her office by which she canceled the announced attendance at the opening ceremony of the kindergarten in the Municipality Vrapchishte with the explanation “due to urgent duties, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Frosina Remenski will not attend the opening of the kindergarten in Vrapchishte ”


Besides the fallacy has led other announced guests at the opening ceremony of the kindergarten, the biggest scandal is that allowed to open kindergarten, which is not eligible under the Law on Child Protection. Namely, to open public municipal institution – kindergarten it is necessary to fulfill the requirements under Article 100 of the Law on Child Protection, and if provided, the necessary number of children should be provided with appropriate premises, equipment and didactic means in accordance with prescribed standards and norms for the activity, if adopted programs for the activity, if should be provided adequate and experts according to standards and regulations and in accordance with law and provided necessary financial resources.

To specify all of these conditions provided by law, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, at the request of the municipality, before opening a kindergarten, should set up committee and to examine the fulfillment of conditions according to the standards and norms, as well as fulfillment of conditions to perform activity, in accordance with Article 102 of the Law on Protection of Children kindergarten can start operating once the Minister determines that the requirements are met and pass a decision on operation.

The informal committee composed of ministry officials visited the kindergarten and has pointed to the numerous deficiencies, including: kindergarten has no kitchen, no proper access i.e. entrance to the building is shared with the children who go to school, not adjusted adequate sanitary facilities for children up to age of 6 years, no appropriate equipment for children up to 6 years, none at all didactic tools for working with children up to 6 years, no adequate staff.

This, so far is the greatest scandal of the technical Minister Frosina Remenski, to permit children to be accommodated in facility that does not meet the legally prescribed conditions and thus knowingly violated the law.