Remenski is breaching even three laws

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The procedure for employment of special advisers is clearly and precisely regulated in the Law on public employees.


According to the same the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy should ensure approval from the Ministry of Finance and provided funding for the employment of special advisers and then managing person of the institution should publish public notice in accordance with the general regulations on labor relations or to conclude agreement for transfer the employee with temporary employment agency.

In accordance with the Law on labor without signing contract for work, no one can take any job in the public or in the private sector.

Despite these violations of laws, Technical minister Frosina Remenski affects the employees in her office, to make several disciplinary violations by sending email to all employees that engages employees in the MLSP to seek approval for any answer to the citizens from Mila Carovska, where it violated the Law on Public Administration or particular Article 73 point 1 of the same law i.e. reckless and negligent performed tasks, Article 73, paragraph 12, abused the status of administrative officer, paragraph 13 of the same article, abused their entrusted powers in the performance of work tasks and Article 73 paragraph 22, in that it concerned breach of Article 5 of the Code of Administrative Officers.