New competition for 2905 student scholarships, the amounts are increased by 10%

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By the 27 this month students can apply for scholarships that are higher by 10 percents.


-Government in accordance with the Working program and the program of the Ministry of Education published new Call for scholarship students or announcement for student scholarships. This year are announced 2905 and in accordance with the Government’s decision in May, the amounts of these scholarships are increased by 10 percents. The scholarships are divided into 4 categories, noted Deputy Minister Spiro Ristovski.

In the first category are scholarships for students from social groups, with priority given to children of single parents, orphans and students with disabilities. Amount of the scholarship is 3,300 MKD.

The second group are scholarships for students who have achieved particularly high success in learning and who are enrolled in technical and medical sciences and art schools. On this basis, are awarded 630 scholarships in the amount of 4,400 per month.


In the third category are 125 scholarships in the amount of 6.050 MKD awarded to students studying at Faculties on informatics and that have achieved particularly high learning success, at least 9.00 average.

The fourth category includes students enrolled in the Faculties of natural sciences and mathematics, technical and technological, biotechnical and medical sciences that have achieved average success. These students will be awarded with 650 scholarships in the amount of 3,300 MKD.

Ristovski urged all interested students to apply and to take advantage of opportunities.

The deadline for electronic application is 27 this month.