Sunny and windy weather with slight drop in temperatures

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Weather in Macedonia will be sunny with small to moderate local cloudiness and weak wind, but in the afternoon in the west, it will blow moderate and at times enhanced wind from west and southwest direction, which will be more pronounced in the mountainous regions.


Morning temperature will be between minus 2 and 7, and daily from 17 to 22 degrees.

In Skopje, similar weather, sunny with small to moderate cloudiness and mild to moderate wind from the southwest direction. Morning temperatures will go down to one, and the daily will climb to 18 degrees.

During the weekend will blow moderate to intensified south wind, which at times will reach speeds of 50 to 70 mph. On Saturday, late in the day in the west we will have occasional rain at the Sunday night will expand everywhere. On Sunday morning in the west, we expect something heavier rainfall and at the higher mountains in the afternoon there will be conditions for the occasional snowfall.

Monday and Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and cooler with occasional local rain.