Social welfare beneficiaries appalled that party soldier of Remenski reviews their personal data

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Personal data protection is one of the fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens of Macedonia, but with the appointing Frosina Remenski for Minister of Labor and Social Policy, this right is deprived from the citizens.


Namely, the orders of Frosina Remenski, people from her team illegally sent instructions to the employees at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, which provides guidance document means any response to the citizens will have to be pre-approved by the Committee Chairman SDSM Mila Carovska!

Mila Carovska is not employed in the institution, but she is party president of the Committee on Labor and Social Policy of SDSM. For this scandalous illegal decision, Remenski witness this email, which appeared in the media.


Carovska, the president of the SDSM Committee on Labor and Social Policy has insight into the documentation of persons receiving permanent help from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, this is not only scandalous but also serious misuse of personal data. With this SDSM not only placed themselves above citizens, but placed themselves above the law and the Constitution.

Citizens are seriously concerned, revolted and appalled by such action of Remenski and  SDSM. They do not seek to get in their shoes, how it would look if someone would look into their personal information, because as they say, SDSM was never interested citizens, but only their party goals and interests.

It was big shock, not only for me, but for other parents who have children with disabilities, says Marina Bilbilovska, parent of disabled person and president of the Association of Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy of Skopje.

– The Law and the Constitution of Macedonia, our personal data is protected and in this case we see that in fact are not. I would have called the Agency for Data Protection of Macedonia give opinion and act according to the law. It is absurd and nonsense, as if it might be thought to allow. With this, our children’s future can be marked. We strive to stay fit, as they are part of society and not to label, says Bilbilovska.

She has addressed to all associations and NGOs who claim to be fighting for the rights of citizens and asked them: Where are you now?

-Where are now to ask for our rights and we are citizens of this country and we cannot let that how who is going to get the idea to have our documentation and only because there party function can do whatever they want. It cannot! In this country there are laws that are all equally should read them, she says.

But this pattern of attack on the population of this category of citizens seems that is the practice of opposition.

-They tried to break our Center for cerebral palsy that we initiated, the parents and short time ago, we had problem with Mr. Zhernovski, who wanted to crumble Center, explained Bilbilovska.

Finally, Bilbilovska on behalf of the citizens sent message to Remenski and question to Carovska and SDSM: Give us your documents so citizens can check them, same you are doing.