The documents show: Remenski is politicizing institutions and works against the law

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More evidence and documents for illegal behavior and coarse attempted politicization of the institutions by the technical Minister of Labor and Social Policy Frosina Remenski come to surface.


Rashness, worthless, but above all arrogance and code for politicizing everything that exists in the SDSM are the main reasons for this very wrong behavior of the technical Minister that at least so far was not considered for party apparatchik or at least, was successfully camouflaged.

The first step after coming to the position of temporary Minister at the Ministry of labor had given orders to promote Mila Carovska, president of the SDSM party Committee on Labor and Social Policy for chief censor of the institution, although Ms. Carovska is not employed in Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, makes this mega scandal even bigger and opens serious doubt in the capacity of Remenski the case exposes underhand motives and aspirations of SDSM for total politicization of every organ.

After the order of Mrs. Remenski, people from her team without any legal basis and aware of the fact that they were acting contrary to the law, sent the Stalinist-style instruction to employees at Ministry of Labor and Socila Policy in which provides guidance every document i.e. every response from the institution to the citizens to be pre-approved by the SDSM Committee Chairman Carovska, which is not employee of the institution, confirmed with this email, which appeared in the media.


This is totally outrageous act of Remenski, which is contrary to law and represents behavior that is unprecedented in the political history of the country. To give order every private data of citizens to be inspected the Bihachka reminiscent of the darkest days, where everything went to be checked in the party.

Proof that Carovska is not employed in Ministry is the document from which it is clear that Mila Carovska is employed in the NGO Hera. Mila Carovska is engaged in NGO HERA, where she works as program coordinator and as of April 06 2012, is employed for indefinite period as evidenced by extract from the M1 / ​​M2.


Scandal after scandal

The public has reacted to this shameful act of technical Minister Remenski and the attempted politicization of institutions across any elementary logic and contrary to law.

But Remenski played – as she should not. Instead of apologizing, she continued with even greater arrogance and behavior in the style of deity, while underestimating the citizens and expressing disrespect towards the law and the institutions and the people.

Kurir came to exclusive new information and evidence of arbitrariness and irregulars-policy of Remenski.

On her order, the employees of Labor and Social Policy received another email, which requires Mila Carovska who is president of the Committee of SDSM and is not employed in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to get official email open. It is obvious that Remenska ignores the public reaction and continued with behavior that was characteristic for  and which is causing series of negative political points.


For scandal notice to be even greater, in addition to Carovska, it was required official opening of new email for another person who is not employed in the Ministry, which it technically manages, the person is Kristina Pepovska. Pepovska currently has the status of unemployed person in the Agency for Employment, which is confirmed by the statement M1 / ​​M2, and she is not employed in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, but still at the discretion of Remenski, presents herself as official.


Experts: There is a political, moral, disciplinary and legal responsibility

Experts that Kurir consulted say that though this behavior from start Remenski is political delegitimized, pointing to lack of capacity or perhaps ignorance to manage serious state institution, and it is immoral attempted politicization of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, there are number of responsibilities for persons who carry out its political –party  Directive that might be under pressure from the technical Minister, but perhaps consciously enter in this attack on privacy laws and the citizens.

Officials implementing guidelines from Remenski perhaps sacrifice on her part, whether it is consciously or out of ignorance. Experts from the field of administrative law for Kurir argue that these people who blindly listen Remenski are committing serious violations of official duty as reckless and negligent performance of duties or abuse of the status of civil servant, abuse of entrusted powers in the performance of tasks misuse of confidential data and conduct contrary to the provisions of the Code in respect of legality.

From the documents can be seen that those who work at the behest of Remenska and favor delegating assignments to individuals as Carovska and Pepovska are not employed in the Ministry, an act contrary to the administrative officers or committing breach of duty since allow access to the electronic mailing system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, who are not employees of the Ministry and do not have the status of civil servants, thereby enabling people to falsely present themselves as employees of the Ministry and provide data on behalf of the Ministry to unknown target.

Remenska and her party installations in the Ministry misled all employees of the Ministry, which is basis for criminality and on other grounds.