Prime Minister Gruevski at meeting with citizens of Veles villages Karashlari, Crkveni and Bashino Selo

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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski visited the municipality of Veles, where inspected the reconstruction of the railway station in Veles and opened the double tennis court in the City Park.


Then the Prime Minister visited Bashino Selo, where he met with residents. The local community has come forward with request for Sports Academy, which was established last year, children from Veles Bashino Selo to receive new equipment, improved nutrition and scholarships.

– Equipment will arrive next week. For nutrition will put efforts the Deputy Education Minister Spiro Ristovski and for scholarships after sorting certificates, will be paid retroactively from September onwards, said Gruevski.

Residents demanded playground and the director of the Agency for Youth and Sports Marjan Spaseski said they have provided in their program for 2016. The playground will be set up in January 2016.


In Bashino Selo residents asked for quick providing of permits for construction of the bridge, and the Prime Minister said that in May or June would be started. – Until then we have to revise and tender, Gruevski said. Residents asked the asphalting the streets and sidewalk and setting pavement at least on one side of the street.

The Prime Minister visited the village Karaslari where inaugurated multipurpose playground and met with residents. They sent gratitude for the plant “Marquardt” which invested in the zone Karaslari, and investment in new sports field.

At the same time for tomorrow was set up a meeting with the farmer who is interested to purchase state land, with the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Vancho Kostadinovski and was noted that they soon expect call for lease and that the meeting in line ministries will be explained all the details. Mayor of Veles Slavcho Chadiev noted that there is interest in investing in two other companies in the area Karaslari, adding that the municipality and the state have done everything to meet the needs. At the request of citizens was agreed for road construction in Karaslari, which should start the second half of next year.


Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski attended the opening of the water supply in the village Crkvino, where was held meeting with residents. The water supply system consists of the catchment, the supply pipeline, collection tank with pump, pipeline, water tank with capacity of 100 cubic meters, rural distribution network. Construction of the reservoir area was completely constructed with funds approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

At the meeting, among other things, was discussed the construction of the playground, which is done with joint efforts of the municipality and AYS in the second half of next year. The next two weeks, guardrails and road marking will be done.