“Musala Soft” will invest over 20 million euro and employ over 300 people, highly qualified staff

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Bulgarian IT company “Musala Soft” will invest over 20 million euro in Macedonia and employ more than 300 people.


Today in the premises of the Government, Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski and president of the company Elena Marinova officially reported investment decision and the start of work on “Musala Soft.”

-Company starts operating in Macedonia as result of efforts by the Government, the Agency for Foreign Investments made and it is the confirmation of the interest of foreign companies for Macedonia as favorable business destination, underlined Vice Prime Minister Peshevski.

This company will create employment for over 320 people from highly educated IT sector, enabling large number of educated young and experienced people to apply the knowledge they acquired during their studies.

-This will be opportunity for young professionals who have completed their education, but also for more experienced to find employment opportunities because the company collaborates with leading companies in this field. Their clients are companies such as Deutsche Telekom, DHL, IBM, OMW, T Systems Telenor, the leading names in the world. Therefore, what will be produced here in Macedonia 100% will be exported and the knowledge that you acquire will be able to apply later in life, underlined Peshevski.

Peshevski noted that the Government would continue to direct its efforts to attract new foreign investments and improve the business climate in Macedonia and Macedonian companies.


President of “Musala Soft” Elena Marinova, said that they have already started equipping office in Skopje, which now employs around 10 people and by 2020, the number of employees will exceed 320 and the total investment would be over 23 million euro. She noted that the company is particularly committed to development and professional training of employees and many will be invested in this segment in the coming years.

All employees will undergo internal corporate training company. “Musala Soft” conducted trainings for young and more experienced people, however as noted Marinova, the focus is on young people whose training and partnership have been done in partnership with the Government.

-In Bulgaria, we already have successful programs that train people who come from other industries where unemployment is higher and redirect their skills to the IT sector, and we hope that it will be done in Macedonia, concluded Marinova.

“Musala Soft” is leading company in Bulgaria in the field of software engineering, which expects annual growth of 20-30%, and the total number of employees by 2020 should exceed 1,000 people.