Coneva: I signed in Remenski in VMRO-DPMNE, she was in love with Ljubcho Georgievski and had no capacity

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r, former President of local Committee of VMRO-DPMNE in Crkvena Maala in Kriva Palanka, confirmed that the Vice President of SDSM and future Minister of Labou and Social Policy, Frosina Remenski was member of VMRO-DPMNE says that she had no capacity to work.nada-za-remenskii

-It is true, Frosina Remenski was member of VMRO-DPMNE in the period when I was President of the local committee. Regular meetings were going along and not only her, but her father Vanche too. She was supporter and in love with the policies of Ljubcho Georgievski. Now I see her in SDSM. We at VMRO have distanced her because she had no capacity. I remember well that nonstop she wanted position, but it actually she did not have adequate capacity, said Coneva.


Statement on voluntary membership in the VMRO-DPMNE signed by the new Minister of Labor and Social Policy Frosina Vance Tashevska, now Remenski was signed on Christmas, 07.01.1999 year. By completing the application form in the local committee of Crkvena Maala, a neighborhoods in Kriva Palanka at that time 22 years old  Remenski became member of VMRO-DPMNE.

Her party colleagues that we talked too remembered her not for good. They say that she did not left special impression. She had no greater potential for serious or capacity for obligations.

However, remember that she had a trait that helped, it was shifting positions and sides.

The fact that this politician has no credibility and capacity, the current leader, Zoran Zaev did not to grant her with ministerial post. He decided to wade the contract and what he said and for minister positions set party members, not professional staff.

Remenski even at the official website of SDSM is not presented as active member of the political party and career. Her resume is composed of two lines!


She is one of the few highly placed party officials and party vice-presidents whose biography does not stand by when she became member of SDSM. Unlike Remenski, in party biography of Damjan Manchevski says that he is active member of SDSM from 1996 and Kiracovski from 2001.



Local observers say that right the party decision of Zaev not to put Damjan Manchevski among the new ministers and deputy is the reason why Radmila Shekerinska did not to appear at one of the most important party meetings this year and left for Belgrade because Damjan Manchevski is the man with the highest trust of the Vice President of SDSM.