By the end of the year in the zones will work more than 5,000 people, next year another great wave of employment

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Over 5,000 people will work in technological and industrial zones by the end of the year, according to the plans, which companies- investors communicated in HQ, writes


Director Viktor Mizo expectes next year recruitment to occur with greater momentum as will finish the construction of the plants and the investments that have been announced.

– Some companies are about to finish entire investment cycle, which means that the majority of jobs will begin next year. From this point, I expect additional, large wave of jobs. According to some estimates, the figure will be over 1,500 jobs that can now be confirmed, but based on other publications that we expect, as announced already this week said that figure could rise, said Mizo.

The dynamics of employment depends on the demand of global markets in the auto industry, electronics and other industries of the factories in the zones.

In the first 10 months, exports exceeded 1.2 billion euro, more than the amount for the entire last year.

– But it is not only the absolute value of exports important, the difference between imports and exports. If last year we had 140 million euro in added value or difference between these two parameters, this year the figure, within the first 10 months of the year is already 50% higher. As only in October was 130 million euro export and I am optimistic that by the end of the year it will exceed 1.4 billion euro exports and added value will exceed 200 million euro direct contribution to gross domestic product, said Mizo.

According TIDZ, the domestic companies are increasing the cooperation with factories in the zones and as suppliers of raw materials, catering, insurance, logistics services, and more in servicing the machines, as well as development of tools, equipment and components for the products they make.