Started new wave of investment, new foreign investments

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Started new wave of investment in Macedonia. It grows the number of foreign companies that carry or are in the final stage of making decisions about investing in the country. Last in the series is the American “Johnson Controls”. Giant of the automotive sector, which already has active production in Shtip, decided to open new facility in Strumica. The investment of $ 20 million and will create 1,500 jobs. “Johnson Controls” on already-tried recipe starts as brown field investments, and next year in existing facility by the end of 2017 will be transformed into a complete green field investment. American executives say it is very doable if production goes according to projections, the number of employees to rose to 3,000 people, writes  Lider.


-We are facing capacities challenges in Europe, we did market research and after reviewing the success of the capacity, we have come to the conclusion that what we need to do is to invest right here”- said the director of the company, Willie Van Loi.

The company that first broke the ice and invested in Bunardgik was the first investor in the free zone in Shtip, and now for the third time will set new standards, which signals that the Americans suit business – climate in Macedonia.

This is confirmation of our efforts and activities to improve the business – climate, companies not only invest, but also re-invest, said the head of the Free Zones, Viktor Mizo.

Investment plan of “Johnson Controls” predicts at the end of the year to open first jobs related to new investment and in 2016 the number of employees should reach 300th

– In Shtip, they initially predicted to employ 1,250 people, and now total number is 1,700, the same figures we plan to implement in Strumica and advance allocated enough space to expand, Mizo added.

New investments by the end of the year

By the end of the year, there will be new foreign investment. The Prime Minister Gruevski announced the opening of several factories and in the case of “Johnson Controls” he kept the word given in August.

-We are in the final negotiations with the global company based in America for the production of automotive parts, which plans to invest in TIDZ Strumica and open new 1,500 jobs, said then Gruevski.

As new investors in the country occurred Bulgarian company “Musala Soft” which has already registered company in Skopje and began to hire highly qualified staff. In two to three years they planned to open 300 jobs.

In Skopje is announced that will position another company from Israel and two companies are entering in the Bitola area Zhabeni.

-It is Italian company in the food industry for the purchase and processing of fruits and vegetables. The expected direct employment is 100 people and indirect benefits for manufacturers who will have to guarantee the purchase. Turkish company is the company for agricultural machinery, reveals Mayor Taleski.

In the Bunardgik, in the final phase is the new plant “TechnoHose” and “Capcon”. In the zone between Ohrid and Struga after “ODV Electric” begins to build the German “Kostal”, “Gentherm” creates 2,000 jobs in Prilep.

-New jobs are open and will be open. “Dräxlmaier” from Kavadarci employs 5358 people, “Kromberg & Schubert” in Bitola employs 2,091 people with plan for thousand, “Johnson Matthey” and “Van Hool” have 600 workers, “Amphenol” in Kochani 484 workers employ total of 1,500, “Johnson Controls” in Shtip has 1,600 people, “Kemet Electronics” so far have employed 257 people and will employ about 500 people, “Gentherm” in Prilep ​​employed 154 people and will employ 2,000 people. “ODV Electric” in TIDZ Ohrid / Struga will employ 1,000 people, “Marquardt” in Veles will open 600 jobs, “Technical Textiles” in Shtip 500, “KSF” in Kichevo will create 1,000 jobs, “Kostal” in Ohrid is provided to open the 1000 positions. So far, the technology – industrial and industrial zones by foreign direct investment opened 13,441 jobs and ensured the livelihood of 13,441 families, said Vice Premier and Finance Minister Stavreski.

No winter for foreigners!

The number of employees in the zones and outside them is growing continuously, as reflected in the record low unemployment rate in the country, exports break the records, in the country entering new FDI. The total value of foreign investments until August amounted to 153.4 million euro, 8.7 million more than the same period last year or growth of 6%. Exports for 10 months is 1.2 billion euro and is expected by the end of this year rose to 1.4 billion euro.

Foreigners are working at full steam, and benefits have domestic firms, which are already included in the supplier chain. 500 Macedonian companies cooperate with foreign investors and have created indirect jobs, it is allowed the transfer of knowledge and technology, higher added value. For such cooperation, our companies so far earned 50 million euro.

-For domestic companies this means more work, transferred knowledge and technology, introduced new standards for work, investments in the companies and thus increase the competitiveness and export opportunities in foreign markets, explains the director of MCC, Mitko Aleksov.

-We Definitely become part of the global value chain in the automotive industry, the results are visible in the growth of employment in acquiring new knowledge and skills, said Biljana Peeva – Djurich from the Chamber of Commerce.