A brand new feature: Railway station in Skopje will be completed by New Year

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Not later than New Year the Train Station in Skopje will get brand new feature.


Currently are finished end activities and as reported “Telegraf”, Skopje will receive the Train Station following the highest standards.

If ever this symbol of the city was neglected, now the situation is changed.

-Since the entrance it can be noted that reconstruction is flowing rapidly. Glossy tiles, new lighting, toilets, ticket kiosks, lounge, air conditioning and new monitors timetable replacing the old black and white TV that many of us remember, writes portal.

The authorities from the “MZ Infrastructure” say they are satisfied with how things are progressing and that the renovation took place in several stages. In this facility has not been invested for more than 30 years and was extremely neglected.

Hygiene was low that was the reason why the most of people did not want to travel by train and chose other vehicles.

Steep stairs and elevators lack hindered access for older people and people with disabilities. Now it will not be problem because are set new elevators and escalators.

For more information and photos, see at Telegraf.