Mizo: Several companies by the end of this year will announce their plans to invest in Macedonia

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Multinationals and global consulting companies often analyzed countries in the world where they should locate the new production, in many cases, first before they come to visit these countries, they make global analysis of all reports of rankings business climate, macroeconomic parameters and all that is relevant for company to make such decision. In this case, this report is one of the most used in these analyzes not only the ranking of Macedonia to the high 12 place, but also, the relevant rankings in comparison with those countries that are our competitors, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, in many cases even Turkey, Slovakia and Hungary and we have much better ranking compared with these countries, will mean additional impetus and opportunity for Macedonia as in that first analysis is better ranked than other countries so that instead of being one of the 7 or 8 countries that will be analyzed, it is immediately one of the top three or four countries, which means that we will have greater ability to attract new investment.


This was stated by Director of the Technological Industrial Development Zones, Viktor Mizo for the news on TV Sitel, answering the question of how the final report “Doing Business” will affect on foreign investment.

-We always wait for companies that have already adopted decisions directly to announce their decisions. What I can say is for few companies this process is completed and it is expected even in November, most of them by the end of the year to announce their plans to invest in Macedonia, which would mean we will approach to signing all relevant contracts and at the beginning of next year, and in some cases even before the end of the year to start investments implementation, said Mizo regarding the announcements for new investments.