PHOTO GALLERY: See what looks like the student dormitory “Goce Delchev” after reconstruction

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A dramatic new look and improved conditions. Even at first glance, in the hallway of the dormitory “Goce Delchev”, with new windows, heating and elevator cab be seen the quality of the reconstruction, which is in its final stage, writes Republika.


In the block “B” of this once most neglected dormitory are mounted the new and functional furniture. Soon here will enter the first tenants.


The Manager of the blocks A and B, Andon Smilevski says it has been thought on every detail for students to obtain the conditions for living and studying.


The rooms on the top floors are ready for new tenants. It was saved convenience, but with new furniture, refrigerator, kitchen, large closets, desk and everything necessary. The most important thing is that, in the dormitory will be available and wireless internet for all.


In the coming days, however, will be announced tender for purchase of new lifts for all student dormitories in the country, announced Deputy Minister of Education and Spiro Ristoski.

The Ministry of Education has completed the project for reconstruction of the block “A” or second next block for reconstruction, according Ristoski it is expected in the first half of November to hold tender for reconstruction and rehabilitation.


– By this, students from the block “A” will be fully transferred to the block “B” and block “A” will be completely closed and will start working normally after the election of the company. Parallel in MES not waste time we accelerate all activities that are already under preparation and the project for the remaining two blocks, block “C” and “D” and the dining hall in SD “Goce Delchev”, said the deputy minister.


Projects of them are expected to be ready by the new year, and then will be called tenders by the Ministry of Education and they will enter in preparation for construction activities.


– It must be borne in mind that it is necessary to be well organized in parallel with the construction activities and placement of students for the capacity. We can and must close the whole dormitory, but in that case, more than 1,300 students will lose the opportunity to be accommodated. Therefore, we must go in phases with accommodation and reconstruction, said Ristoski, adding he was satisfied with the pace.


Finishing the works in SD “Goce Delchev” according Ristoski could be completed by the end of 2016 or early 2017.


– Over the last year, we had problem from two or three months when we could not perform construction activities. In accordance with the plan and pace real opportunity exists until the end of 2016, but the optimum is to say that probably part of the 2017 activities to be completed in SD “Goce Delchev”, said the deputy minister.





He informed also that in the next few days would be announced tender for the provision of new lifts not only in SD “Goce Delchev”, but in all student dormitories in Macedonia.

PHOTO: Republika