Jolevski at ministerial meeting of the A5 and the SEDM process in Dubrovnik

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Minister of Defense Zoran Jolevski today and tomorrow will participate in the comprehensive regional ministerial meeting in A5-Adriatic Charter and the SEDM process, which will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


At the meetings of the US-Adriatic Charter and the SEDM process, the defense ministers will discuss the projects and activities in defense and security, as well as possible joint participation in peacekeeping operations, especially those led by the United Nations, reports MIA.

As announced, it is expected Jolevski on the sidelines of the meeting to have several meetings, including meetings with Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Minister of National Defense of Turkey Ismet Yilmaz, Minister of Defense of Slovenia Andrea Katich and Undersecretary of Defense of Italy, Domenico Rossi.

The Comprehensive ministerial meeting will be attended by the defense ministers of Southeast European countries, including Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Moldova, Albania, Italy, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, RACVIAC, the United Nations and others.