Vajgl with message for SDSM not to withdraw from the agreed and there will be no delay

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I sincerely hope that the Agreement from Przino will be implemented and that time will be respected, otherwise it might happen the country to fall into major crisis, said MEP Ivo Vajgl after meeting with SDSM leader Zoran Zaev.



– It is not about the penetration of individual deadlines for day or two, but continues implementation of the process, as it would be beneficial to all and in the interest of the country. Every unnecessary delay can cause major problems for the state – said Vajgl.

He added that he sincerely hoped that the crisis in the country was exceeded by signing the Agreement from Przino and urged the media to exert more pressure on political parties to adhere to contractual obligations.

Such statement of the MEP given before the opposition party headquarters can be interpreted as direct message to the SDSM expressed by Vajgl after the meeting with Zaev.